Saints Who Left Descendants

Introduction - Upon finding out from reading about the genealogy of Americans, it is accepted that about one of three are descended from some type of Royalty. more

After examining the royal lines one must reach the conclusion that almost all the European countries are connected by marriage to royalty, and that the Holy Roman Catholic Church has canonized some of this royalty and the Church of England has recognized many people who attained the title of Saint in their life time, although many are not canonized.

This brings up the subject of sainted lineage, which means that the blood of the saints flows in the veins of one of three Americans. What defines these lines and which saints are the saints that have left descendants is the subject of this work. Using Internet and any source available I have found over 100 people who are in some way referred to as a Saint. The only requirement to be included in this book is to have a direct traceable lineage to Royalty, or Nobility.

Most people who have attained Sainthood are bishops, priests, martyrs, or common people whose lineage is either not known, or did not leave Descendants. Nuns, hermits, and martyrs are all saints, but did not have children. Bishops and priests were permitted to have offspring by the church until the celibacy rules where added by the pope. So in the early church a bishop or priest could leave Descendants.

The idea of attaining the title of saint leaves the reader with a view that the person led a very perfect life, and so was recognized by the church. This in most cases is true, however some saints have murdered, had illegitimate children, were illegitimate children, etc… and then because of the church recognizing the good that the person did, despite the evils that went on, attained the title of Saint.

I will attempt to draw from the ancestry that is known about the Saints and show that the lines from the Old Testament from Abraham, King David, Judah’s sons Perez and Zerah, are culminated in the royal lines. Also Joseph the Israelite, Zebulon, Benjamin, and Levi are all ancestors of King David.

There seems to be a pattern of lineage of the saints descended from the Hebrew King David (from Perez son of Judah), from Zerah the son of Judah, from Levi the father of the Aaron line of priests, from Abraham’s first son Ishmael, from Japheth the son of Noah, and so from the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament.

I will attempt to tie into the lineage of 110 or so Saints who are tied together by blood, and tracing their ancestry to the Old Testament or their Descendants to English or French Kings up to the year about 1400. Considering that many Americans began coming to America in the early 1600’s, it is much more difficult to trace lineage to a Saint that is more recent. Consider also that each generation doubles the Descendants, so a recent Saint has that many fewer possibilities for Descendants.

Hopefully the reader can trace his line to one of the lines of the Kings or the Saints that are mentioned and so utilize this work in the tracing of his or her ancestry in relationship to a sainted ancestor.

Following is a table of the chronological order of the Saints to be identified as bloodline saints.

Included in the table are a number of the Blessed. Blessed is a term that describes a person at the time of this writing who has not been canonized a Saint, but has reached the level one step away from Canonization. In order to be fully canonized each person considered must first be a blessed, and then the Pope can canonize a blessed into being a Saint.

Availability of Records

American documented lineages are not that difficult to trace back to the year 1600. In England where most Americans can trace their line previous to 1600 parish records were not kept prior to 1500. Thus records prior to 1500 are attainable mostly by Family Records, and royal bloodline documented histories. Many surnames go back to the year 1200, but previous to 1200 or so the surname was not used and most people were referred to by a single name. Lineages of the royalty were documented and so previous to 1200 most records do not include surnames. There are many martyrs of the early church, whose Descendants are not documented and so are lost to history with only the name of the Saint and the reason for Canonization known.

Dividing the discussion into periods of history, and showing which Saints were alive at that time who may be bloodline saints, will organize this work.

Saint Joseph of Arimathea   Israel    
Saint Cyllin of Siluria King Siluria   c 100
Saint Gregory the Enlightened King Armenia c 240 c 326
Saint Narses Pahlav the I King Armenia 335 373
Saint Isaac Pahlav the Great King Armenia 351 438
Saint Paternus Pasrut (Padarn Beisrudd ap   Scotland 305  
Saint Ceneu (King of Northern Britain) King Britain 374  
Saint Helen of the Host (Elen Lwyddog verch   Wales 330  
Saint Ursula verch Donaut of Dumnonia Queen Dumonia 305  
Saint Helena of Rome Empress Rome 250 330
Saint Dareca   Ireland 310  
Saint Contantine the Great of Rome Emperor Rome   337
Saint Pabo ("Post Prydyn") ap Ceneu Prince Britain 405  
Saint Erbin ap Custennin King of Dumnonia Saint King Dumnonia 427  
Saint Brychan King of  Brycheiniog King Wales 419  
Saint Madrun ferch Gwerthefyr Queen Gwent 440  
Saint Hmayeak   Armenia 410 451
Saint Rusticius de Lyon Bishop France 455 501
Saint Cywair of Ireland Queen Ireland 455  
Saint Cyngen (Glodrydd) ap Cadell King Powys 440  
Saint Clotilde of the Franks Queen Franks 475 545
Saint Tudlydd verch Brychan   Wales 439  
Saint Tanglwst ferch Brychan   Wales 470  
Saint Gwelfyl ferch Brychan   Wales 438  
Saint Radegund Queen Franks 499  
Saint Brochwel   Wales c 520  
Saint Custennin ap Cadwy King of Dumnonia King Dumnonia 520  
Saint Gondolfus Bishop de d'Aquitaine Bishop Aquitaine 530 c 599
Saint Amoldus (Arnoaldus XXVII) de Moselle   France 550 601
Saint Gertrude of Hamage   Prussia 540  
Saint Hermengild Prince Spain   585
Saint Begga   Landen   694
Saint Arnulf Bishop of Metz Bishop Metz   635
Saint Bertha of Kent Queen Frankish   612
Saint Aethelbert of Kent King England 560 616
Saint Itta of Austria Widow Austria   652

Saint Louis IX King of France
Feastday: August 25
Date: 1214-1270
Family: Parents: Father- Louis VIII of France Mother- Blanca Alphonsa Princess Castile
Wife: Margaret De Provence
Children: Philip III "the Bold" King of France

Saint Louis IX ancestors include Saint Fernando and so Muhamed, Ishmael and Abraham. Also Charlemange and so Zerah. Also Joseph of Arimathea and Saint Helena of Rome. Also King David of Judah and Israel is an ancestor thru Nathan his son. King Solomon of Israel and Judah is also an ancestor. Sainted Ancestry includes more saints than any other saint. These are Saint Ethelbert, Saint Arnulf, Saint Itta, Saint Sigebert, Saint Dagobert, Saint Beggue, Saint Liuthwin, Saint Bathildis, Saint Sexburga, Blessed Pepin, Saint Clodulf, Saint Olga, Saint Matilda, Saint Elgiva, Saint Edgar, Saint Henry II, Saint Cunigunda, Saint Stephen, Saint Margaret, and Saint David.

Descendants include King Edward III Plantagenet of England, and the Kings of France.

He succeeded to the throne at the age of twelve under the regency of his mother. Louis IX was born in Poissy, France in 1214 to Louis VIII and Blanche of Castille. On his twenty-first birthday he assumed full kingship. Louis generally remained neutral in international disputes. He was well known for protecting the French clergy from secular leaders and for strictly enforcing laws against blasphemy. However, because of a dispute between the Count of Le Marche and the Count of Poitiers, in which Henry III supported the Count of Le Marche, he was forced to go to war with England. In 1242 Louis defeated Henry III at Tailebourg. After the war, he made restitution to the innocent people whose property had been destroyed. Louis led two crusades, the Sixth and the Seventh Crusades. He established the Sorbonne (1252) and the monasteries of Rayaumont, Vavert, and Maubuisson. He was captured and imprisoned during the Sixth (1244-1249). At the onset of the Seventh Crusade in 1270, Louis died of dysentery. Boniface VIII canonized him in 1297.
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